About Me

I just turned 30....I'll be honest...it was hard for me to leave my 20's.

I have an amazing life. Full of ups and downs, with no big regrets :)

I was raised in a small farm town, moved to the "big" city for a couple of years then moved back to my hometown.  When I was in high school I couldn't wait to get out of this little town and live the big city life! I wanted to be an airline attendant and travel the world. 
Well, that's NOT where I ended up!  I now live a simple country life, that I wouldn't trade for the "world".

A Little Extra About Me and how I got to where I am today~
I moved to the "Big City" at the age of 19.  Soon after moving, I found out that I was going to be a mommy! Got married, had my daughter at 20. Moved back to my hometown at 22. Divorced at the age of 24. Survived as a single mom (made me stronger).  Fell in love, re-married (a country boy) at the age of 25. Gained 2 step daughters (who are like my own). Had my son at the age of 27. DH and are raising 4 kids, his, mine and ours. But in our eyes they are all ours. I love these children more than I can put into words.

We bought a home on 17 acres.  We are fixing up/adding on to and remodeling our home.  This is my husbands dream. He always wanted to "work" the land and live a simple stress/drama free life.  I didn't relalize I wanted that until this last year. I planted a garden and we have 4 beef cows. The more I learn about gardening and animals the deeper my passion grows. So I am working on trying my best to have an amazing garden, can and perserve food, have livestock that will in turn give us eggs and meat. But I am learning as I go.  So I started this blog to keep as a journal of my ups and downs of learning to "homestead". And to also keep me motivated towards my goals of being a bit more self sufficiant, frugal and earth friendly. All while raising my four children, and caring for my husband.

By the way~ In case you were wondering about the title of my blog; when it's warm outside I live in my flip flops. ;)