Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneaky Kitty

Yesterday afternoon I spend about a half hour cleaning out the other side of the chicken coop. I was going to move my chickens into the bigger area because I decided they are ready to graduate to the "adult" side.

There was one board I was a little concerned about, and an old wooden box I needed my husbands help moving. But Kris was at work, so I decided not to bug him the moment he got home to help me, I'd bug him another day.

Later that day, I went to close up the coop for the night and just as I was shutting the door, I saw 2 eyes looking at me. There was Baby, our barn kitty. Hanging out in the rafters, watching the chickens. I thought to myself "Whew! I'm glad they are still in the brooder pen." So I left the door open for a bit thinking she would mosey on out of there when Chloe wasn't around.

About an hour later I went in the coop and looked in the rafters, and glanced over the coop seeing if Baby had made her way out. No sign of her, so I closed up the coop for the night.

This morning I go to check on the chickens to feed and water them and I hear, "Meow." Here's Baby, crawling out of the laying box! She was locked up in the coop all night. Just as I'm going to open the door to the bigger pen to grab her, Chloe runs in behind me, and so Baby crawls back in the laying box. So I ran in the house to grab the camera. I'm glad I saw her do this BEFORE I moved my chickens into the bigger pen. Kris and I have more chicken eater proofing to do before we can move them.
Sigh.....our list keeps getting longer. Oh well. Baby steps right?!


  1. Looks like you could just pop a few eggs under her and let her brood!

  2. That's so funny. I'm thinking Baby learned her lesson?????

  3. NancyDe~ That's a great idea!! LOL

    Leigh~ I'm sure she learned something, just not what I'd like her to learn :)

    I had this vision of free range chickens.....I'm starting to think between the dog and the cat, it's NOT going to happen. I'm now looking into chicken tractors. :) I want them to be able to scratch around in the grass.

  4. Maybe she wants to be a chicken! Funny kitty!!