Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A picture of our muddy Betsy

Today the weather is back to rain :(
We were blessed with a few dry days. It really helped with drying out the garden. It's ready enough that I will get some things planted, rain or shine this Memorial Day weekend!

Here's Betsy. She is one of Big Mama's offspring.

I actually snuck out to try and get a picture of Sally (our newest calf) and Mable. But they were still a ways out in the field so I couldn't get a good picture of them. They looked like 2 little brown and white dots in the picture. So Betsy kindly let me take her photo. Our Steer, Curly tried to get in on the photo shoot also, but all the ones of him turned out blurry. He was actually to close :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My husband Kris calls me spoiled.

I don't wear designer clothes, or carry Coach purses, or drive the newest, fanciest car. But I do have 4 fantastic children, a fixer-upper home that we are putting our blood, sweat and tears into, land around us to raise our animals on, a garden that will feed our family, and Praise the Lord, our health.

These things make me feel rich in many ways.

When my husband takes an afternoon, (or days) to do something for me, like till the garden, fix up the chicken coop, etc. I feel spoiled. So even though he's not showering me with store bought things, I feel giddy when he does something around our home. Or the time, we lost our first chick, I text him while he was at work and told him the sad news. When he walked in the house after work with a box of 3 more chirping chicks inside, I melted. To me, that is love.

I am blessed.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wearing flip flops.....

in the chicken coop........................not a great idea.

I had 9 of them gang up on me. Maybe it's revenge for not giving them their yogurt treat in awhile, I don't know. But what I do know is, I will stick to wearing my Romeo shoes while tending to the chickens! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Renewed Excitement!

My green peppers and basil! Basil didn't grow for me last year and I've never planted green peppers before. I can't decide if I want to keep the basil in the house, in the window. Or put it out in the garden. Hmm?

I thought this picture was funny. She was really checking me out.

It's not a very good picture of Sally our newest calf. But Big Mama is VERY protective of her little one. And if she spots me at all, she takes off. Because behind me is Chloe, and she doesn't want Chloe ANY WHERE near her baby. Big Mama is a great mom. Not only does she watch out for her little one, she's taken Mable under her protection. It's neat to see the 2 little ones "hopping" through the field together.

I have all sorts of plants coming to life.
I have flowers on my strawberries (the ones I planted last year, not my recent transplants), potatoes are starting to push through some leaves! :) I transplanted 3 cukes today ( I hope they do well, they were looking a little rough). Our sweet peas are chives are starting to show some green. My parsley is doing well, my cilantro is really filling out. I have spinach and lettuce growing!
It makes me sooooo happy! I can't WAIT to get my garden going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The carrots, zucchini, acorn squash, corn, peas, green beans................I could go on and on! It's going to be great.

This winter has been a long one, and I'm OH SO READY to get my garden planted. Today the weather was beautiful, and they are predicting 2 more days of sunshine. I'm hoping it dries out enough to get the garden area prepped, and ready to plant!

Okay I will calm down now. I better go tuck the children into bed, and close up the chicken coop for the night.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneaky Kitty

Yesterday afternoon I spend about a half hour cleaning out the other side of the chicken coop. I was going to move my chickens into the bigger area because I decided they are ready to graduate to the "adult" side.

There was one board I was a little concerned about, and an old wooden box I needed my husbands help moving. But Kris was at work, so I decided not to bug him the moment he got home to help me, I'd bug him another day.

Later that day, I went to close up the coop for the night and just as I was shutting the door, I saw 2 eyes looking at me. There was Baby, our barn kitty. Hanging out in the rafters, watching the chickens. I thought to myself "Whew! I'm glad they are still in the brooder pen." So I left the door open for a bit thinking she would mosey on out of there when Chloe wasn't around.

About an hour later I went in the coop and looked in the rafters, and glanced over the coop seeing if Baby had made her way out. No sign of her, so I closed up the coop for the night.

This morning I go to check on the chickens to feed and water them and I hear, "Meow." Here's Baby, crawling out of the laying box! She was locked up in the coop all night. Just as I'm going to open the door to the bigger pen to grab her, Chloe runs in behind me, and so Baby crawls back in the laying box. So I ran in the house to grab the camera. I'm glad I saw her do this BEFORE I moved my chickens into the bigger pen. Kris and I have more chicken eater proofing to do before we can move them.
Sigh.....our list keeps getting longer. Oh well. Baby steps right?!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Potatoes and Strawberries

We had a few non rain days, which really helped with my mood, but it wasn't long enough to dry out the garden area for planting anything out there. :(
So this afternoon I planted another potato bag of russets, and planted some strawberry plants (that my fabulous mother in law gave to me) in a couple of whiskey barrels around the house.

So at least I got to dig in the dirt, and plant something :)

Our sweet peas that Lil' B and I planted a couple weekends ago are starting to pop up through the dirt. I'm very much looking forward to some color and the smell of sweet peas this summer!

My pumpkins and acorn squash are doing great, but I'm worried if I don't get them planted soon they may get wilty.

I've been hardening off my starts over the past few days. Each day I leave them outside a bit longer, so hopefully when I transplant them, they will handle the transition well.

I'm going to call it a night and hopefully tackle my long "To Do List" tomorrow bright and early. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Rambling......

No coyote yet :( Hopefully it stays away from our calves!

My plant starts are coming along nicely. I am going to start hardening them off over the next week. I'm pretty excited about my pumpkin and acorn squash starts, they are doing wonderfully! I hope when I put them outside they hang tough! I'm worried I'm going to put them into shock.

My chickens are doing great. I've named 3 out of the 9. I'm still figuring out who's who. Once they lost their fuzz and got their feathers all their markings are different. But there is one that always greets me at the door, and is always front and center to see what your up to, and I call her CeeCee for her crooked comb. I named the 90% sure Rooster, Roo Boy (creative I know, lol) and I have Little Thing. She's the tiniest out of them all. She doesn't seem to have a long neck like the others. She's cute, and pretty mellow. I cant' wait to get their outside run done. I think they are getting anxious to spend more time outside too.

Yesterday I planted chives, lettuce and spinach. Today I planted blue potatoes. I still have Russets, and reds to plant. Since my garden area is still a muddy mess, I started my potatoes in those potato bags. My DS3 helped plant the "taters". I love getting the kids involved with the planting :)

My de-cluttering went nicely. I took 2 boxes to Goodwill :) Ahhh! I can breath again. I still have to tackle one more room, but that will have to be done on a day I don't have my DD10 hanging around. :) I love having less stuff to shuffle through.

I'm also toying with the idea of kicking my frugal-ness (is that a word?) into high gear and paying my car off a year early?? It would be FANTASTIC to have NO car loan! I should.......

Anyways. I better get going. I'm going to go indulge in one of my guilty pleasures. A recorded episode of reality t.v. I know, I know. :) I don't watch much tv, but I have to have a little something for myself ;)

Take care and have a fabulous evening everyone.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New calf and a coyote hunt

This morning around 7:00, Kris and I went outside to start on some chores, and just as I was walking into the house to grab something I saw in the back of our field a little white face. I shouted to Kris (who was about that time shouting for me) Big Mama had her baby!! We were admiring (from a big distance) the fact Big Mama had her calf this morning. :)
On Mother's Day, how cute is that?!

As I'm standing there I see a coyote running not to far away from the cows. Just as I'm pointing it out to my DH the cows start running away from the coyote. Kris runs inside to grab his rifle, and as he's walking to the fence, the coyote goes after Mable. He had to shout two different times, to stop the coyote!! We couldn't believe what we were seeing. My DH said that he's NEVER heard of a coyote going after a calf. Sheep yes, cows no. Kris was worried the coyote was going to get the new little one, so he took off into the back of the field on a hunt for this coyote. No luck as of yet, but it's an uneasy feeling knowing this thing is lurking around and not afraid to try and take the bigger of the two calves.

I haven't seen the calf up close yet, but Kris did and it's a heifer. My DD10 named her Sally. :)

So now in our herd, we have Big Mama, Sally, Annabelle, Mable, Betsy, and Curly.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Rain

This weekend is looking to be a wet one. Even though I can't get my garden planted (or even ready for that matter) I'm looking at the rain as a fabulous way to get my inside things done. I've been feeling overwhelmed and unorganized lately and I couldn't put my finger on why. Well the other day I was looking around the house, saying to myself "How did that pile get there, and wait how did that pile get so big?"
I HATE clutter, but I guess I've been walking around in La La Land and didn't realize I was starting to collect it, everywhere. NO WONDER I was feeling unorganized and overwhelmed. I feel that if I have clutter around my home, my mind is cluttered.

I've started in the kitchen. I already feel better. My next plan of action is my laundry room, and then our bedroom. If I can get these three rooms done today I will feel GREAT.

So I better get off of here and get my de-cluttering done before I get to comfortable in this chair.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I want a goat.

I really do. Reading all these blogs about homesteading and my new blogging friends are making butters, cheeses and soap with their fabulous milk, it makes me REALLY want a goat! I text my hubby today at work asking him if I could get one someday, and his reply. "Negative".
So I thought I wold tactfully bring it up again after dinner, and I told him I wasn't looking to get one soon, but to keep an open mind. And well he didn't say no, per say. Anyway. I have a shimmer of hope that in the future I will get a goat. Who knows I may change my mind by then. (But I don't think so) :)

I would like to share with you what I plan on planting in my garden this year.
*I'm so excited!!*

  • broccoli

  • brussels sprouts

  • cauliflower

  • pumpkins

  • zucchini

  • acorn squash

  • green peppers

  • spinach

  • 3 varieties of lettuce

  • 2 varieties of potatoes

  • 3 varieties of dry shelling beans

  • pole beans

  • sugar snap peas

  • early girl tomatoes

  • ground tomatoes

  • carrots

  • celery

  • dill

  • mint

  • parsley

  • sweet basil

  • chives

  • cilantro

  • onions

  • jalapenos

  • spaghetti squash

  • edamame beans

  • peanuts

  • 2 varieties of cucumbers

  • corn

  • poppies

  • strawberries

*I think that's it. I may add more later :)

Some of these I have not tried before so it will also be an experiment year with some. :) It will be fun. I also want to look at getting some fruit trees and blueberry and raspberry starts. But figuring out where to put them right now is the hard part. We have a lot of work to do on our land. I would hate to plant something that maybe in the way of being torn up by a tractor. Patience. I'm learning patience. :)

I still want a goat.