Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market

I wanted to get to the Farmer's Market early to get my share of raspberries for some jam.

I bought a few other things including an apron, ground beef, goats milk soap, and farm fresh eggs!

I left the Farmers Market this morning feeling amazing. I loved spending my hard earned money on things that are grown & made here locally. It gave me a deeper appreciation for my community, and the people that work so hard here. I feel truly blessed to live in this "little farm town."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here I GO!

I'm super excited to be starting my very own blog! I read many that I absolutely LOVE! So I thought I would give it a try. I'm marking this is an online journal of my thoughts, goals, dreams, and a lot of random-ness, because that's what my life is.

My biggest goal is to enjoy my kids and to raise them the best I can. Time is something I will never get back.

I like things simple. I really do. I'm not much of a "shopper". It frustrates me. But I like to look nice. Especially for my hubby ;) Jeans, T-shirts/sweatshirts, flip flops (upgrade to Romeo's) is the look I bounce around in. I love it.

I love a clean/organized home. When my home is clean and mind is to.

I'm still learning how to balance. I want things to be done and in order, but I NEED to spend time with my kids. It's a mommy guilt thing. Work in progress :) *I don't get time back*

Before I pop off of here, I would love to give you an update of my garden and animals.

We tried to breed one of our cows this's to hoping for a calf!!!

I harvested some carrots..... YUM! My zucchini is just about ready, along with some peas, and my sugar pumpkins are flowering! This is very exciting to me. I look forward to having an amazing garden next year! I already have it planned out :)