Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swimming in Tuna!

My DH was offered a "spot" on one of his buddies boats to go Tuna fishing! We were soooo excited! He left at 4:30 am Tuesday morning, and returned home at 7:45 pm. He was extremely tired from being out on the ocean all day, but he was glowing with the amount of tuna we are going to have for the winter!

I spent a day canning tuna, plus we have a freezer FULL of tuna for smoking and marinating. My house smells of tuna :) I don't mind. This winter we will be eating tuna, NOT purchased from the store in a tin can, but from a day's hard work my DH spent on the ocean.

Another reason to LOVE where we live. Fresh seafood a stone throw away.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grocery Shopping in my backyard

I LOVE harvesting out of my garden! Fresh produce a few steps into my back yard :) What could be better?! It's so neat to run out there pick some bunching onions, a few sprigs of Rosemary, and add the finishing touches to our lamb chops. Along side our lamb chops we had grilled zucchini (yep right out of the garden). AMAZING!

Last weekend I learned how to can with my pressure cooker. I preserved some carrots right out of the garden! GO ME!

What we've harvested so far~
Butter Head Lettuce
Sugar Snap Peas
Bunching Onions
What we still have growing~
Sugar Pumpkins
Acorn Squash
Corn (I don't know if we will harvest any this year, we had a rough start)
Walla Walla Onions
Bush Beans

I love this feeling. It's a feeling of accomplishment for me. My love for my garden is in return providing my family with healthy foods, that even my 3 year old has been eating lots of. He's even asking for salad!
Happy Harvesting :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream = LOVE

The other day I was cleaning out the freezer and came across some ice cream. I started to read the ingredients and realized even the "quality" ice cream that we were buying was crammed full of preservatives. So I pulled out the ice cream maker my mother in law gave me a couple years back, and decided to start using it again. On Saturday night we had Simple Vanilla Ice Cream, with some Farmer's Market raspberries sprinkled on top. It was Awesome!

Today I made a batch of Simple Chocolate.....and all I can say is "WOW".
I called my sister ecstatic! It is soooo good. (I'm a chocolate lover, can ya tell)
I love that it's simple! Pour a few ingredients together and TA DA! Dessert! I also love the satisfaction of making something like this from scratch with a little help of modern day kitchen gadgets ;)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market

I wanted to get to the Farmer's Market early to get my share of raspberries for some jam.

I bought a few other things including an apron, ground beef, goats milk soap, and farm fresh eggs!

I left the Farmers Market this morning feeling amazing. I loved spending my hard earned money on things that are grown & made here locally. It gave me a deeper appreciation for my community, and the people that work so hard here. I feel truly blessed to live in this "little farm town."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here I GO!

I'm super excited to be starting my very own blog! I read many that I absolutely LOVE! So I thought I would give it a try. I'm marking this is an online journal of my thoughts, goals, dreams, and a lot of random-ness, because that's what my life is.

My biggest goal is to enjoy my kids and to raise them the best I can. Time is something I will never get back.

I like things simple. I really do. I'm not much of a "shopper". It frustrates me. But I like to look nice. Especially for my hubby ;) Jeans, T-shirts/sweatshirts, flip flops (upgrade to Romeo's) is the look I bounce around in. I love it.

I love a clean/organized home. When my home is clean and mind is to.

I'm still learning how to balance. I want things to be done and in order, but I NEED to spend time with my kids. It's a mommy guilt thing. Work in progress :) *I don't get time back*

Before I pop off of here, I would love to give you an update of my garden and animals.

We tried to breed one of our cows this's to hoping for a calf!!!

I harvested some carrots..... YUM! My zucchini is just about ready, along with some peas, and my sugar pumpkins are flowering! This is very exciting to me. I look forward to having an amazing garden next year! I already have it planned out :)